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Improv comedy classes in one of our mainstay comedy classes, after all,  Improv is right there in our name!  We offer a full-range of Improv classes, including: Basic Levels, Master Levels, Long-Form Levels and Musical Improv Levels.

We also offer a variety of Summer Comedy Camps, Improv Intensives and specialized Improv workshops that include Improv for Educators and Taste of Improv for the curious.

If you have previously taken Improv classes and want to learn more about our Master Improv Classes, click HERE.

Introduction to Improv Fundamentals

Introduction to Improv Fundamentals is the first class in the beginner improv program at Positively Funny Improv. These classes are for anyone who wants to learn how to improvise, including people who want to do improv for fun, to better their professional skills, or to eventually pursue it professionally. Level A sets the foundation in scene work, ensemble, and the building blocks of improvisation. Students must complete Level 101  in order to advance to Level 201 Basic Scene Work classes..


In Improv Level 101, students start to learn the skills needed to create strong improvised scenes. Some of these skills include building ensemble, giving and taking focus, object work, and, one of the most crucial fundamentals of improv, the concept of “yes, and.”

No previous experience or prerequisites required.

Not sure whether or not Improv is for you? Take our FREE Taste of Improv workshop!

Basic Scenework for Improv

Improv Level 201 introduces students to the skills needed for scene work, the backbone of what we do at Positively Funny Improv.


Students build upon the skills they learned in Level 101 and start learning how to improvise scenes. Strong, relationship-based scene work is the backbone of the work we do at Positively Funny Improv. Students learn the skills crucial to scene work, including emotion, listening, and transformation, as well as continue to hone skills learned in Level 101, like ensemble, object work, and “yes, and.”


Students continue to play the types of exercises and games played in Level 101, which emphasize ensemble building and freeing the creative, non-judgment part of the brain. Students also begin to improvise scenes, exploring exercises that isolate the different skills needed for successful scene work. Students also learn by observing classmates performing scenes, and receiving and observing instructor feedback.


Completion of Level 101 or permission of instructor required

PFI Games Class

The Level 301 PFI Games for Performance class prepares students to take to the stage for their first performance.  Select games performed by the PFI main-stage ensemble cast are mastered for a performance on The StarDome Broadway Room stage. As a part of the class, students are taught how to create a successful show list.  Students successfully completing Level 301 are eligible to audition for a featuring cast role.


Pre-requisite: PFI Level 201 or permission of the instructor.


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