Frequently Asked Questions

What are the BIT's show days and times?

The BIT has shows on Thursday at 7:30pm, Friday at 7:30pm and 9:30pm, Saturday at 7:30pm and 9:30pm. There may also be other special shows so be sure to check our website frequently or sign-up for our email newsletter to stay up-to-date.



Are the same troupes performing every show?

Our house troupe Positively Funny Improv performs most often at the BIT. However, we have other troupes that also perform.


Currently, Ugly Baby Improv performs on Friday nights at 9:30pm. Taco Truck Improv performs on the 3rd Thursday each month for our Cheap Date Night shows.


Positively Funny Improv typically performs the 1st, 2nd, and last Thursday of the month; Fridays at 7:30pm and Saturdays at 7:30pm and 9:30pm. The Saturday 9:30pm show is for 18+ audiences.


Other troupes perform on an occasional basis. Check our show scheduled to determine what shows are appearing on a specific date.


Do you serve food and drinks?

The BIT does not serve dinner during our shows. We do have a regular Food Truck out front for our guests to grab dinner before a show. You are welcome to eat dinner during a show.


We serve limited snacks and soft drinks through our concession stand.


We also serve beverages, including beer and wine. Our servers will take your order throughout the show.

Can we bring outside beverages into the theatre?

Outside beverages are not permitted into the theatre. Our Liquor License does not allow outside beverages into the theatre. You are also not allowed to take beer or wine outside of the theatre.


We ask for our guests cooperation on this matter. It is embarrassing for all involved if we have to eject someone from the theatre for bringing in liquor, but we do not want to put our license in jeopardy.


What about parking?

There is abundant street parking along 7th Avenue South and the adjacent side streets. There is also limited parking behind the theatre accessed through our alley. You may also park behind the adjacent church on most show nights.


What time do doors open

Our Box Office Doors open ONE HOUR prior to our first show. Seating is available approximately 30 minutes prior to the show with first-come, first-seated. All seats allow for a great view of the show given the intimacy of our theatre.


What is seating like in the theatre?

We have theatre-style seating which makes sense, huh? That means, we have several rows of chairs with seat side by side, in 3 sections. We are an intimate theatre seating less than 120 people so every seat is a good seat.


We have a limited number of VIP tables at the back of the theatre. These seats are at a high-top table on stools. You can receive your beverages and snacks throughout the show by our Text-to-Table service. Send a quick text to the kitchen and they will bring your order to you. You simply stop by the Concession window at the close of the show to close out your tab.


Are your shows family-friendly?

Our shows are typically PG13 in nature. We can always control what an audience member may shout out when we are asking for suggestions, but we "manage" any inappropriate suggestions to ensure none are offended.


Our 9:30pm shows are not always PG13 in nature, so we suggest 18+ for audience members during the late shows. While we are never vulgar, we can't speak for our audience members at that late hour.


Where are you located?

We are located at 2208 7th Avenue South on the southside of Birmingham, just 2 blocks from UAB medical center. We would are easily accessed off of Hwy 280/31 and I65. Well, as easy as anything is accessible with the construction going on in this city!


Is your theatre handicap accessible?

Yes, our building is fully handicap accessible.


Do you have stand-up comedy shows?

Our theatre is mostly Improv-based troupes that perform on our stage, with sketch-comedy folded in the mix. We do on occassion do a produced stand-up comedy show but not on a regular basis. There are other venues throughout Birmingham and the adjoining area that focus on stand-up comedy, open-mics and such.


What is Improv?

The principle of Improv comedy is "made-up on-the-spot" driven by audience suggestions. There are different types of "Improv" performed at the BIT. For example, our resident troupe, Positively Funny Improv performs "short-form games" which is along the lines of "Whose Line Is It Anyways?!" Conversely, Ugly Baby Improv and Taco Truck Improv perform "long form" Improv where an entire act may be driven from one suggestion. Each style of Improv is equally hilarious and we encourage audience members to experience all styles that hit our stage.


So, since you are an Improv theatre, is that all that we can see performed there?

Not at all! While 80% of our shows are Improv-based, in one form or another, we do also have scripted sketch comedy shows, original comedy musical shows, murdery-mystery shows and the occasional stand-up comedy show.


Even in the Improv world, we have different themed shows. For example, PFI does a regular Improv or Go Home competition, Improv Jams, Improv Bingo, along with other themed shows. We also do a regular 1940's style fully-improvised radio drama with you as the live in-studio audience!


We are all about comedy! So if it is funny, it will be on our stage!


2208 7th Avenue South Birmingham AL 35233​

Tel: 205.202-6586 / Email:

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm
Saturday: 3pm - 11pm​
Sunday: Closed

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