Improv Classes

Our Master Level Classes are for the experienced Improviser or recent graduates of our basic Improv training levels.  Our Master Classes help you take your Improv skills to the next level.  Taught by our most experienced Improvisers, these classes are very focused and students can expect critical feedback that you need to grow to the next level of your Improv game.  A true commitment is needed to succeed in these classes.

If you have yet to take our Basic Improv classes and want to learn more about them, click HERE.

Advanced Scenework Class

The Level 401 Advanced Scene Work class helps students explore in-depth principles of scene work. Leveraging the principles learned in our Basic Scenework Class, the Advanced Scene Work class will help student create scenes that are rich in depth and creativity.

Incorporating both organic and game-driven approaches, we put structures aside to focus one one simple thing: doing our best scenes. This class is perfect for advanced students looking to supplement their Improv journey with more scenic reps as well as for experienced improvisers seeking an injection of individual coaching to push past that plateau.

Characters & Environment

The Level 501 Characters and Environment class takes the basic character and environment work learned in our Basic Level Improv classes to the next level.  The focus in this Master Level Class includes how to create sustainable characters for use in performance, including the discovery of multiple characters for development.  Focus will also be given on how to establish and use environment in scene-work, creating a more vivid picture for audiences during performance.

Styles & Genres

The Level 601 Styles and Genres class focuses on successfully using genre in performance. Genre parody is common in sketch comedy, but often avoided in performance Improvisation. This class provides a survey of the most common categories of genres/styles called for in Positively Funny, Inc.’s performances and applies them to those games which use them the most.

Prerequisite: Completion of the Basic Improv Class track or permission of the instructor


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