Musical Improv Classes

There is no greater thrill than successfully making up a song on the spot and making audience members laugh-out-loud.  Our Musical Improv classes take you from zero to ninety.  You do not need to have a musical background to take these classes.  You do not even have to have a "good voice" to enjoy these classes. After all, it is comedy.

Intermediate Musical Improv

The Level 802 Intermediate Musical Comedy Improvisation class focuses on more in-depth song structure, with emphasis on the creation of song hooks, choruses and bridges. Advanced theory helps students to perform infamous song styling's of such musical theatre greats as Stephen Sondheim.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Musical Improv.

Introduction to Musical Improv

The Level 801 Introduction to Musical Comedy Improv class is a student’s first foray into the invigorating field of making up songs on-the-spot. This course focuses on how to create entertaining and enjoyable song lyrics. This class teaches the principles and theory of rhyme creation, backward rhyming and basic song structure. Select musical comedy Improvisation games are taught for use in an end-of-class performance.

No prerequisite.

Advanced Musical Improv

The Level 803 Advanced Musical Comedy Improv is the final class offering in PFI’s Musical Comedy Improvisation curriculum. This class prepares students to create a full-length comedy musical on-the-spot based off of audience suggestions. This class blends the theory and practices learned in PFI’s Level Introduction to Long-form Improvisation class with the work accomplished in previous Musical Improv Levels.

Prerequisite: Completion of Introduction to Long Form Improv class and Intermediate Musical Improv Class.


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