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Birmingham Improvisation Theatre

Birmingham's First and Only Improv Theatre & Comedy House

While the Birmingham Improv Theatre will be designed for a wide range of performances from a community of comedic talent, the masters of shenanigans at Positively Funny Improv are the driving force behind the BIT. Positively Funny Improv has been performing in the Birmingham area since 2010 entertaining audiences with short-form Improv shows. While Positively Funny Improv will be the resident Improv company of the BIT,other Improv troupes are welcome onto the BIT stage. 

Positively Funny Improv is also the premier Birmingham comedy educators (you might say we have a B.S. of B.S.). We’ve been passing down our knowledge to wet-behind-the-ear comedy enthusiasts and well-seasoned comedians alike for almost a decade. Our educators come from places such as Second City, SAK Comedy Lab, and of course Positively Funny Improv (might as well toot our own horn).


2208 7th Avenue South Birmingham AL 35233​

Tel: 205.202-6586 / Email: info@bhamimprovtheatre.com

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Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm
Saturday: 3pm - 11pm​
Sunday: Closed

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